Oncology Fellowship

Gynecologic Oncology Fellow Research

Ackroyd SA, Lee NK. "The promise and vulnerability of telemedicine". Gynecol Oncol. 2021 Jul;162(1):1-3. doi: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2021.06.004. PMID: 34154727 

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Former Fellows



Thesis Mentor

Current Institution

Melissa Javellana, MD


Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Induces Genomic and Transcriptomic Changes in Ovarian Cancer

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

The University of Kansas Medical Center

Raanan Alter, MD


Strategies to reverse immunosuppression in PTEN deficient gynecologic cancers by tumor cell intrinsic STING/IFN-B signaling

Akash Patnaik, MD

Northwestern Medicine

Isabel Lazo, MD


Profiling metabolite changes in the ovarian cancer secretome and its impact on alterations in human primary mesothelial cells

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

Hilary Kenny, PhD

Stanford Medicine

Claire Hoppenot, MD, PhD


Genomics and proteomics of long-term survivors of advanced-stage high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine

Jerlinda Ross, MD, MS


Endometrial Cancer Survivor’s Access to Recommended Self-Care Resources for Obesity in a High-Poverty Urban Community

Stacy Lindau, MD, MAPP
Diane Yamada, MD

Nita Lee, MD, MPH

Medical University of South Carolina

Josephine Kim, MD


Combination simvastatin/metformin for endometrial cancer treatment and prevention

Gustavo Rodriguez, MD

University of Chicago

Terri Febbraro, MD


Inhibition of BI integrin impedes ovarian cancer metastasis via redirection in lactate production resulting in decreased proliferation, angiogenesis and cancer stem cell population

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

MaineHealth Medical Center

Andrea Jewel, MD


MicroRNA 206 is associated with longer overall survival and platinum sensitivity in serous epithelial ovarian cancer

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

The University of Kansas Health System

Andras Ladyani, MD


Expression of fatty acid transporters in ovarian cancer

Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

Rush University Medical Center

Jessica Hunn, MD


Developing an effective pharmacologic approach for the chemoprevention of ovarian and uterine cancer

Gustavo Rodriguez, MD

Valley Women’s Health