Menopause Priority Setting Partnership

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All people assigned female at birth will experience menopause, more than half the population.

With the average life expectance over 80 years many women live more than half their lives after menopause so prioritizing their health is critically important

Although, menopause is a normal life event, some will experience troublesome menopausal symptoms that may have a major impact on quality of life, professional and personal relationships, function, and work productivity.

For transgender and gender diverse men assigned female at birth, very little is known about the long-term health outcomes of hormone or surgery-induced menopause at a young age, or how hormone therapy should evolve as a person reached natural menopause.

Despite the ubiquitous nature of menopause and potential adverse impact on women, their work and our society, this area is relatively under-studied.

The Menopause PSP (MAPS) has been established to identify gaps in research, and ‘unanswered questions’ on menopause, as identified by people with lived experience, and professionals who care for them.

The James Lind Alliance is a national non-profit making initiative established in 2004 to bring together people with the lived experience of a condition (menopause) and their healthcare providers as a priority setting partnership (PSP)

The PSP will identify and prioritize unanswered questions that could be addressed by research.

This process will generate the Top 10 unanswered questions, and a longer list of topics that don’t make the ‘Top 10’ but are considered important.

This will provide a new, evidence-based platform for funders to prioritize the research that matters most.

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