Oncology Fellowship

Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Locations


Both UCM and NSUHS educational sites are staffed by full time Gynecologic Oncology faculty, five at UCM: Josephine Kim, MD, Ernst Lengyel MD, PhD, Nita Lee, MD, MPH, John Moroney, MD, and S. Diane Yamada, MD, and four at NorthShore: Gustavo Rodriguez, MD, Elena Diaz Moore, MD, Tilley Jenkins-Vogel, MD, and Carolyn Kirschner, MD.

Both sites participate in NRG clinical trials and selected faculty are committee members and PI’s or co-PIs of major clinical trial initiatives. UCM is a parent institution and a Phase I site that is capable of performing Phase I, II and III clinical trials. NSUHS is also a member of HOG (Hoosier Oncology Group) and the Princess Margaret Cooperative Research Group participate in Phase I, II and III clinical trials.

Additionally, both sites have Gynecologic Oncology faculty with independent research laboratories dedicated to translational research.

The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM)

The Center for Care and Discovery opened in 2013. Our new hospital is a 10-story “hospital for the future” that serves as the new core of the campus of the University of Chicago Medicine. Our new hospital provides a home for complex specialty care with a focus on cancer, gastrointestinal disease, neuroscience, advanced surgery and high-technology medical imaging.  At 1.2 million square feet, the hospital is one of the largest buildings the University of Chicago campus.  The building also has two floors of expansion space that will be built for additional patient care units as well as future leading- edge, technology-based interventional or surgical suites.  The main lobby is located on the 7th level and separates the building into two components.  The Sky Lobby houses central reception, family waiting areas, a chapel, gift shop, dining areas and other public spaces.

The Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine, opened in 1996, is a state of the art ambulatory care facility housing all outpatient activities including clinics, ambulatory operating rooms and an outpatient chemotherapy suite. The chemotherapy suite is currently being renovated. dedicated research facilities are situated on campus.  The Gordon Center for Integrative Science (GCIS), opened in 2005, bridges physical and biological sciences and houses the Gynecologic Oncology Research Laboratory as well as the Ben May Institute for Cancer Research and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery, opened in 2009, houses a state of the art vivarium, a number of core facilities and integrated microscopy facilities.

The UCMC educational site is staffed by seven full time gynecologic oncology faculty: Josephine Kim, MD, Katherine Kurnit, MD, Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD, Nita Lee, MD, MPH, Kathryn Mills, MD, John Moroney, MD, and S. Diane Yamada, MD

The Section of Gynecologic Oncology under the auspices of Dr. Ernst Lengyel has been awarded a Reproductive Scientist Development Program Award (RSDP),  a  Pathway  to  Independence  (PI)  K99 award, and R01 funding from the NIH.


NorthShore University Health System (NSUHS)

NorthShore University Health System consists of four hospitals in the northern suburbs of Chicago: Evanston Hospital, Glenbrook Hospital, Highland Park Hospital and Skokie Hospital. For the purposes of the fellowship, clinical and research activities will be based at the Evanston Campus, where over 95% of activities related to gynecologic oncology are located. Outpatient gynecologic oncology care is delivered in the Kellogg Cancer Care Center (KCCC), which is very active in cooperative group and other trials, with funding by a grant from the NCI’s Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOP) since 1983. In addition, with the new alliances within the cooperative groups, NorthShore University Health System is now part of NRG, the NCI-funded cooperative clinical groups that includes the GOG (Gynecologic Cancer Group). The KCCC includes exam and treatment rooms, infusion rooms, a hyperthermia treatment room, a clinical laboratory and medical records.  Other important cancer related resources at NSUHS are the Center for Medical Genetics directed by Peter Hulick, MD and a Center for Outcomes Research and Education. NSUHS is committed to cancer research as evidenced by the new Kellogg Cancer Center that was completed in 2011 and houses all clinical oncologic activities including clinics, chemotherapy administration and administrative offices for clinical trials research.

Basic research at NSUHS occurs within the NSUHS Research Institute, with facilities on multiple sites including the Evanston campus as well as the Northwestern University Undergraduate Campus which is one mile east of Evanston hospital. NSUHS researchers oversee an extensive scope of basic research, with  over  $100  million  in  NIH  funding.  Dr.  Gustavo  Rodriguez  directs  the  gynecologic  oncology laboratory within the NSUHS Research Institute located at Evanston hospital.  The lab is fully equipped
For molecular analysis and dedicated to a federally- funded research program in ovarian and endometrial cancer prevention.

The NSUHS educational site is also staffed by four gynecologic oncology faculty: Gustavo Rodriguez, MD, Tilley Jenkins-Vogel, MD, Carolyn Kirschner, MD and Elena Diaz Moore, MD