Section of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

  • Our MFM faculty

    From left: Emily Wanezek, PA-C, Drs. Julia Bregand-White, Mahmoud Ismail, Howard Grundy, Sarosh Rana (Section Chief), Jacques Abramowicz, Colleen Lavoy, PA-C, Drs. Roxane Holt, Deborah Boyle

The Section of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of Chicago provides comprehensive care to patients with a wide range of complex maternal and fetal issues. We offer a full spectrum of prenatal diagnoses and care for mothers and babies from conception to birth. We pride ourselves in utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, and have a long history of comprehensive and compassionate care for women carrying high-risk pregnancies. Our dedicated team includes maternal- fetal medicine specialists, physician assistants, high risk nurses, nutritionists and diabetes educators, expert perinatal sonographers and a genetic counselor. We work in close collaboration with the neonatology team, in fact, our new labor and delivery suite is located in the Comers Children’s Hospital  just one floor above the neonatal intensive care unit, to provide prompt access to specialized neonatal care for our patients.

All of our specialists are trained in board certified maternal-fetal medicine fellowship programs and have extensive experience in managing high-risk pregnancies. We provide pre-conception counseling, prenatal care, consultations during pregnancy, and comprehensive ultrasound evaluations. We are experts in the management of complex medical issues, transplant patients and pregnancies complicated by fetal anomalies. Our multi-disciplinary Fetal Center, directed by Dr. Jacques Abramowicz, allows collaboration with neonatal and pediatric subspecialists, such as cardiologists, urologists, neurosurgeons, pediatric surgeons and members of the intensive care team.

Our newly developed Placenta Center provides expert collaborative care for patients with abnormal placentation, including placenta accrete/increta and percreta. We offer a thorough evaluation of patients through advanced ultrasonography, MRI, and comprehensive care at the time of delivery with the involvement of experts,  including specialists in maternal fetal medicine, gynecologic oncology, obstetric anesthesia, blood banking, urology, intensive care, neonatology, expert nursing and social work

We provide our specialist care at a number of locations for convenience of our patients and referring providers

Our Section hosts an active research program, primarily focused on characterization and treatment of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy We have an international reputation for our scholarly work, which has produced major findings relating to angiogenic factors and preeclampsia. Currently, our work is focused on the use of biomarkers for the prediction of preeclampsia-related adverse maternal and fetal outcomes, which can aid in the risk stratification of women with preeclampsia. The section is also involved in studies related to prematurity funded through March of Dimes. In addition, the section has an active ultrasound research program, consisting of multiple ongoing projects, that is directed by Dr. Jacques Abramowicz.

The Section is dedicated to excellence in teaching and is responsible for educating students and residents in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and fetal complications during pregnancy. With our colleagues at NorthShore University HealthSystem, we offer a highly competitive, ABOG-approved fellowship  In addition, Dr. Rana directs a one-year non-ACGME accredited perinatal research fellowship.


Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH
Chief, Section of Maternal-Fetal Medicine