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Recently, two Departmental physicians spoke eloquently on fertility issues in the media.
Dr. Helen Kim was quoted extensively in a Chicago Tribune article on the fertility of women 50 and over.   The article asks whether pregnancy after 50 is as easy as Senator Tammy Duckworth and other prominent mothers make it seem.  Dr. Kim speaks to the reality of current technology and success rates.\


A highly persuasive  op-ed column, by Dr. Michelle Brown, 3rd year OBGYN resident, appeared in the Daily Herald, a newspaper serving suburban Chicago.  Dr. Brown urges support for a bill, now on the floor of the Illinois House, that ensures insurance coverage for procedures that preserve fertility for oncology patients



Dr. Jacques Abramowicz is an author of the  8th edition  of Fleischer's Sonography in Obstetrics & Gynecology, considered the most authoritative reference on sonography in OBGYN.  See the description of the book at here.



Dr. Melissa Gilliam and Ci3 researchers published a study in the Journal of School Health that explores the use of existing mobile health units, stationed at Chicago schools, to provide adolescents with sexual and reproductive health services.  See the article on the PBS WTTW-Chicago Tonight website reporting on the study.


Dr. Brandon Hill the Executive Director of Ci3 has also been featured in the media recently; he appeared in Slate, on CNN, and in the online journal The Conversation discussing issues involving LGBTQ Americans.



Dr. Sarosh Rana and colleagues  recently published a study in Pregnancy Hypertension that brings us  closer to FDA approval for assays using angiogenic markers to reliably assess a patient’s risk for preeclampsia.  The study established that these assays, performed on an automated immunoassay tabletop platform, are well suited for office use and meets all evaluation criteria for a clinical laboratory test.


Dr. Sandra Laveaux, the newest faculty member in our Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery Section,  recently published two manuscripts;  a review chapter in Best Practice & Research: Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology titled “Robot-assisted Laparoscopy in Benign Gynecology: Advantageous Device or Controversial Gimmick?” and “Evaluating ureteral patency in the post-indigo carmine era: a randomized controlled trial” in the American Journal of OBGYN
In addition, an instructional video made by Dr. Laveaux was named one of the "top 5 videos of 2017" by OBG Management.


UChicago Medicine is offering a novel prevention option to women at risk for ovarian cancer in a study led by Dr. Iris Romero.  Read a recent article about the study here. Dr.Romero was also selected as the editor of a special issue of Seminars in Reproductive Medicine on the provision of comprehensive and supportive care to LGBTQ patients.  Dr. Sadia Haider and Dr. Helen Kim, as well as Dr. Romero, were Dept. of OBGYN contributors to this issue 


The Department of OBGYN establishes a Women's Health Clinic in the South Loop

Our Women's Health Clinic in the South Loop, 1101 S. Canal Street, offers General OBGYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Midwifery, and Reproductive Endocrinology services.
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