Amber Truehart, MD MS

Clinical Associate in Obstetrics & Gynecology

As the Director of the Ryan Center, Dr. Truehart focuses on providing excellent abortion services  to patients in addition to providing clinical training for family planning fellows and OB-Gyn residents. Dr. Truehart is dedicated to clinical education in both OB-Gyn and pediatrics, and she has received the Golden Apple Award for resident education as recognition of her skills as an educator.

Dr. Truehart is committed to improving the quality of health care for underserved populations. She serves on the Committee on Underserved Women for the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and she runs a weekly teen pregancy clinic where she provides obstetric care for pregnant adolescents.

Dr. Truehart has trained extensively in order to become an expert in pediatric and adolescent gynecology. After completing programs at Harvard and Texas Children’s, she worked with Dr. Gilliam to build a robust pediatric and adolescent gynecology program at UChicago Medicine. Currently she practices at three of our locations--DCAM (Hyde Park), Comer Children's Hospital (Hyde Park), and the Center for Advanced Care in Orland Park. In her adolescent gynecology practice, Dr. Truehart helps patients transition from pediatric to gynecologic care, works with adolescents with complex medical conditions and their families to find the right contraceptive options, and helps girls and adolescents manage menstrual and other gynecologic concerns. 

In her research, Dr. Truehart is currently investigating methods to effectively education medical residents and other healthcare providers on adolescent sexual health and emergency contraception.

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