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Dr. Monica Christmas, as Director of our Menopause Program, was asked to comment on new studies on non-medical  nterventions for hot flashes by Reuters Health News.  See what she had to say here




The IDPH released the Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Illinois Report, which contains a thorough analysis of all maternal deaths that occurred in Illinois in 2015 (linked here).  The report was the dedicated work of two committees composed of area health professionals, including Dr. Deborah Boyle and Dr. Amber Truehart.  Importantly, the report examines the large percentage of maternal deaths that could be judged preventable, and identifies interventions to save lives 


Dr. Stacy Lindau and her team were prominently  featured in articles addressing women’s sexual health. The Menopausal Vagina Monologues | The New York Times by Randi Epstein and Sex after Cancer | Chicago Health by Ronni Gordon


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